Well I won

I beat the ED ppl!  They got so tired of me harasing them that they kicked me off their mailing list!

Well, there was one thing they didnt think about:

Whenever someon from that list emailed me, it sent there personal email address, too!  So u can kick me off any list u want, ED, but I still have a way in 2 feed u ur medicine!

And just becuase Im such a nice girl, Im gonna share.

Here are there adresses:

angrytony@gmail.com anonymouspimp@gmail.com  chocareli@gmail.com  dramacrat@krade.com edsbed@gmail.com  eyeslikesugar@gmail.com  gtjacobs@hotmail.com  heiteinah@gmail.com  HotPckts@aol.com  jasper_ae@yahoo.com  jenntegt@gmail.com  littlespeaker@gmail.com  mcollig2@jhmi.edu  moonlitangel215@aol.com mrdotkom@gmail.com  paradoxx181@yahoo.com  psyrate@gmail.com  raspberry.rush@gmail.com  sroberts@jsmithlanier.com  steve@thethirteenthstep.com  wolfslyfox@hotmail.com  zenophile.ed@gmail.com

Do everyone a favore and bug the CRAP out of them!  Let em know that they cant pick on ppl anymore, because weve had it and were not taking their crap anymore!

ED= 0

This makes me laugh.

The ED idiots r getting angry.

A while back, I made an acount on there site so I could take down chris' page, or as they called it, vandalism.
anyway, when I signed up, I also signed up for there news letter.

Well, yesterday, I got there news letter in my email, and so I sent them all messages all day long, just generally frustrating and pissing em all off.
They got soooo mad at me!
They can dish it out, but when u give it back 2 em, they fall apart and cry about how u should leave them alone and even unsubscribe to there own news letter!

I won.  I beat ED.

Sarah= 3
ED= 0

heehee! ! !

Im too GOOD 4 YOU!!!

Im not going 2 let my heart be broken anymore.  Chris cheated on me, and doesnt even have the balls to write me back after I read his little blog entry.  If he really wants 2 be this way, then I hope he and his little slut r happy, because when she dumps his ass, Im not letting him anywhere near me.  I REFUSE to be used anymore by that man.

Im too good 4 him.

How could he do this 2 me?



He cheated on me. 
He met up with a girl at a hotel, a girl he never even told me about, that he was talking 2 WHILE WE WERE TOGETHER.

Christian Weston Chandler, u r a two-timing, backstabbing bastard, and I hope youre FUCKING HAPPY! ! !

How could u DO this 2 me?!!!

U know what?  Im beginning 2 think that maybe those ED people arent that evil after all.  It looks to me that Chris is the real bastard in all of this; hes been stringing me along for more than a month now, and then goes and meets up with whoever this skanky whore is at some motel and is ballsy enough to PUT IT IN HIS BLOG!

I hope ur dick rots off, u asshole!

You all think youre so damn smart.

You all think youre clever, picking on Chris.
Look, I love him and I always will, and you, Danielsha, or Sarah, or Chrissy, or whatever the hell your name is, youre a despicable woman.
Youve broken this sweet man down over and over again.  He has autism; his parents r doing the best they can, but too many things have happened 4 him to ever lead a normal life.  When his parents DO pass on, and he IS left alone, and yes, Ive read your damn ED page and discussions, and when his parents DO pass on, and Chris has to be put in a home, you will all lose your little whipping boy and then what?
You'll have ruined his life for good, and you'll be just as empty as you were when u started.
I hope you all are FUCKING happy. 

That bastard.

CWCSonichu is NOT my sweet bear.  He posed as my sweet bear in order to get close to me, 4 what sick reason I dont know.
And now the REAL Christian has written me, telling me things only the real Chris would know, and I realize what a idiot Ive been.
My heart is broken again.

Why r people so MEAN?  Why dont these hackers leave me alone?  Ive never done anything 2 them.

My Sweet Bear!

He made a LJ account and added me as a friend!  Oh, Christian, r u finally going to come out of hiding now?
I missed u sooooo much my sweet man!

I miss him soooo bad.

I wish he would just email me back. . . Ive written 2 him so many times this last week but he's shut himself off from me completely, I think.
I wish I knew his new email address; I miss him and I just want this relationship to work out.
These Anon jerks have ruined our life together.
I hope they all cant sleep at night knowing that.