sarah_bug1109 (sarah_bug1109) wrote,

I'm sad tonight

This nice guy I met online, who I wont say his name because hes a little famous, has broken my heart a little bit tonight. . .

I thought everything was going so well, we had had a couple of really nice online conversations, and I was hoping to maybe drive out to Virginia to see him for Thanksgiving or for just some weekend. . .

and then he invited me to his facebook account, and I saw that he has about 20 girls on there as his friends, all of which flirt with him and have skanky pictures of themselves!

And he is perfectly fine to string me along like this when hes busy with all these other girls!  The worst part is that he complains how lonely he is and I want to help him not be lonely anymore, because Im lonely too and I really LIKE HIM!  LIKE A LOT!!!

and yet he has all these floozys on his page, flaunting their little bodies and theyr whore's makeup and it makes me so mad that he wouldnt tell me about this, would just keep me in the dark, not really caring like he said he did. . .

I still like him a lot, but my heart is broken right now, so if you read this entry on my page, Chris, please dont hurt me anymore. . . please love me for who I am and for what I can do for you; dont love all these other floozys with their painted faces and their fake tits!  Love me for being the 100% natural woman that GOD intended me to be!

I still like you and I know we can work through this baby!

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