September 11th, 2008

Writer's Block: Easier Said Than Done

What’s a simple thing you could do to save money, but are unwilling (or unable) to put to practice?
Rose always wants games for our old Sega, and they're getting harder and harder to find!  I have to go look on Ebay and bid on them and a lot of times I end up spending too much money on them. . . but the look on RoRo's face when I give them to her is so priceless I cant help doing it over and over again!

September 11

Today is September 11, and Im sad thinking about those such tragic events from years gone by. . .
I know that our President, Mr. George Bush, is doing everything he can to finish this war and bring those terrorist ragheads to justise...  my own thoughts and prayers go out to my brother and the men and women in his convoy who were attacked and killed two years ago by those evil terrorists!  And I pray that this war will be over soon. . . I just cant figure out why we havnt pulled our boys back and dropped a nuke on them over there, but I know that our President and our Military Leaders are doing everything they can to end this War peacefully.
I know that God will convict these terrorists in their heart that what their doing is wrong. . . I know our prayers wont go unanswered!

I wrote a poem to honor those men and women who have fought so bravely in this War:

When our buildings fell, you answered the call
you fought and bled and some gave your all
you fight day and night in these terrorist nations
its time to show you all some appreciation!
the war's almost over, the night almost done,
the fog burns away in the bright morning's sun
and when all of this is over and peace is restored,
we'll be glad to being you all safely home once more
so fight for your country, your GOD and your rights,
to ensure no more terrorists ever hijack any flights!


wow I certainly wrote alot in this entry, heehee. . . I gotta get going now so I can get supper on the stove for Momma and Rose.

Happy 9-11 day!