September 26th, 2008

You all think youre so damn smart.

You all think youre clever, picking on Chris.
Look, I love him and I always will, and you, Danielsha, or Sarah, or Chrissy, or whatever the hell your name is, youre a despicable woman.
Youve broken this sweet man down over and over again.  He has autism; his parents r doing the best they can, but too many things have happened 4 him to ever lead a normal life.  When his parents DO pass on, and he IS left alone, and yes, Ive read your damn ED page and discussions, and when his parents DO pass on, and Chris has to be put in a home, you will all lose your little whipping boy and then what?
You'll have ruined his life for good, and you'll be just as empty as you were when u started.
I hope you all are FUCKING happy.