October 2nd, 2008

This makes me laugh.

The ED idiots r getting angry.

A while back, I made an acount on there site so I could take down chris' page, or as they called it, vandalism.
anyway, when I signed up, I also signed up for there news letter.

Well, yesterday, I got there news letter in my email, and so I sent them all messages all day long, just generally frustrating and pissing em all off.
They got soooo mad at me!
They can dish it out, but when u give it back 2 em, they fall apart and cry about how u should leave them alone and even unsubscribe to there own news letter!

I won.  I beat ED.

Sarah= 3
ED= 0

heehee! ! !

Well I won

I beat the ED ppl!  They got so tired of me harasing them that they kicked me off their mailing list!

Well, there was one thing they didnt think about:

Whenever someon from that list emailed me, it sent there personal email address, too!  So u can kick me off any list u want, ED, but I still have a way in 2 feed u ur medicine!

And just becuase Im such a nice girl, Im gonna share.

Here are there adresses:

angrytony@gmail.com anonymouspimp@gmail.com  chocareli@gmail.com  dramacrat@krade.com edsbed@gmail.com  eyeslikesugar@gmail.com  gtjacobs@hotmail.com  heiteinah@gmail.com  HotPckts@aol.com  jasper_ae@yahoo.com  jenntegt@gmail.com  littlespeaker@gmail.com  mcollig2@jhmi.edu  moonlitangel215@aol.com mrdotkom@gmail.com  paradoxx181@yahoo.com  psyrate@gmail.com  raspberry.rush@gmail.com  sroberts@jsmithlanier.com  steve@thethirteenthstep.com  wolfslyfox@hotmail.com  zenophile.ed@gmail.com

Do everyone a favore and bug the CRAP out of them!  Let em know that they cant pick on ppl anymore, because weve had it and were not taking their crap anymore!

ED= 0