sarah_bug1109 (sarah_bug1109) wrote,

I miss him so bad

After the craziness of last week I havent emailed anything for a while.  I deleted my old account and had the phone numbers at the house changed.

I feel dirty. . . these a**holes took over my life through my email address. . . I wont even say the things they bought with my accoutns and had shipped 2 the house.  Its just gross and it makes me sick thinking about it.

I miss Chris soooo bad right now.  I was mad and upset at him, I guess, but I shouldnt have been, because none of it was his fault.  He's a victim in all of this and these a**holes just wont leave him alone ever.

If he ever writes me back I'll be sooooooooooo happy.  I just miss him and I want to talk 2 him. 

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