sarah_bug1109 (sarah_bug1109) wrote,

How could he do this 2 me?


He cheated on me. 
He met up with a girl at a hotel, a girl he never even told me about, that he was talking 2 WHILE WE WERE TOGETHER.

Christian Weston Chandler, u r a two-timing, backstabbing bastard, and I hope youre FUCKING HAPPY! ! !

How could u DO this 2 me?!!!

U know what?  Im beginning 2 think that maybe those ED people arent that evil after all.  It looks to me that Chris is the real bastard in all of this; hes been stringing me along for more than a month now, and then goes and meets up with whoever this skanky whore is at some motel and is ballsy enough to PUT IT IN HIS BLOG!

I hope ur dick rots off, u asshole!


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