A fun game my friend sent me!

Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture.

Me and my niece!

I miss him so bad

After the craziness of last week I havent emailed anything for a while.  I deleted my old account and had the phone numbers at the house changed.

I feel dirty. . . these a**holes took over my life through my email address. . . I wont even say the things they bought with my accoutns and had shipped 2 the house.  Its just gross and it makes me sick thinking about it.

I miss Chris soooo bad right now.  I was mad and upset at him, I guess, but I shouldnt have been, because none of it was his fault.  He's a victim in all of this and these a**holes just wont leave him alone ever.

If he ever writes me back I'll be sooooooooooo happy.  I just miss him and I want to talk 2 him. 

My heart is HEALED!

We chatted tonight, and everythings all better now!
Hopefully, I'll be meeting him soon, and we can start a new life together!

God, for someone I just met online a few days ago, I cant believe how blessed I am to be going to visit him!  Its going to be soooo great!  We'll hang out, and we'll go to the movies, and we'll fall in love!!!

This is the man of my dreams, I just know it, and we're going to be so happy together!

I'm sad tonight

This nice guy I met online, who I wont say his name because hes a little famous, has broken my heart a little bit tonight. . .

I thought everything was going so well, we had had a couple of really nice online conversations, and I was hoping to maybe drive out to Virginia to see him for Thanksgiving or for just some weekend. . .

and then he invited me to his facebook account, and I saw that he has about 20 girls on there as his friends, all of which flirt with him and have skanky pictures of themselves!

And he is perfectly fine to string me along like this when hes busy with all these other girls!  The worst part is that he complains how lonely he is and I want to help him not be lonely anymore, because Im lonely too and I really LIKE HIM!  LIKE A LOT!!!

and yet he has all these floozys on his page, flaunting their little bodies and theyr whore's makeup and it makes me so mad that he wouldnt tell me about this, would just keep me in the dark, not really caring like he said he did. . .

I still like him a lot, but my heart is broken right now, so if you read this entry on my page, Chris, please dont hurt me anymore. . . please love me for who I am and for what I can do for you; dont love all these other floozys with their painted faces and their fake tits!  Love me for being the 100% natural woman that GOD intended me to be!

I still like you and I know we can work through this baby!

September 11

Today is September 11, and Im sad thinking about those such tragic events from years gone by. . .
I know that our President, Mr. George Bush, is doing everything he can to finish this war and bring those terrorist ragheads to justise...  my own thoughts and prayers go out to my brother and the men and women in his convoy who were attacked and killed two years ago by those evil terrorists!  And I pray that this war will be over soon. . . I just cant figure out why we havnt pulled our boys back and dropped a nuke on them over there, but I know that our President and our Military Leaders are doing everything they can to end this War peacefully.
I know that God will convict these terrorists in their heart that what their doing is wrong. . . I know our prayers wont go unanswered!

I wrote a poem to honor those men and women who have fought so bravely in this War:

When our buildings fell, you answered the call
you fought and bled and some gave your all
you fight day and night in these terrorist nations
its time to show you all some appreciation!
the war's almost over, the night almost done,
the fog burns away in the bright morning's sun
and when all of this is over and peace is restored,
we'll be glad to being you all safely home once more
so fight for your country, your GOD and your rights,
to ensure no more terrorists ever hijack any flights!


wow I certainly wrote alot in this entry, heehee. . . I gotta get going now so I can get supper on the stove for Momma and Rose.

Happy 9-11 day!

Writer's Block: Easier Said Than Done

What’s a simple thing you could do to save money, but are unwilling (or unable) to put to practice?
Rose always wants games for our old Sega, and they're getting harder and harder to find!  I have to go look on Ebay and bid on them and a lot of times I end up spending too much money on them. . . but the look on RoRo's face when I give them to her is so priceless I cant help doing it over and over again!

My Cousin!

My cousin Beth is visiting!  She's from Russellville, and she drove up from there last night to visit Momma, Me and Rose!

She's doing well, and she's working at a Dentist's office.  She lives with her boyfriend, Roy, and they have a cat, Slinky Girl, who is the cutest thing, although I'm allergic, heehee. . .

Anyway, she brought her IPod with her!
It's sooo cute!  Its' tiny, and it is blue and it has about 1500 songs on it!
I could fit every song Kenny Chesney ever wrote on one of those and have room for all my Shania Twain and Britney Spears as well!
Maybe I'll save up and see about getting one for Rose for Christmas, then we can share it, heehee!

Howdy Y'all!

Well what can I say about myself?
I'm a cute as a button 27 year old lady living in Alabama with my sissa, Rose, and my Momma.
Rose has autism, but she rocks!  She likes playing video games with me, we have an old sega that our brother left us before he went off to Iraq and got hisself blowed up; that was sad, but now we got a dog we named after him, and Max is the cutest little doggy you ever done laid eyes on!
My Momma is a great woman and she takes care of Rose with me.  Daddy died about ten year back in a truck accident, so its just us and Max to keep the house full, but we always got freinds and family comin over for supper!

I love to sing and me and Rose and Momma will sing up a storm some nights just sittin around the upright we got; we love country music and Im learnin to play all of Kenny Chesney's song's on the piano!

Im single right now, I wish I had a good man to love me and take care of me, and maybe someday I could have a beautiful little girl of my very own to love on and take care of... until then, though, me and Rose and Momma will stick together like peas in a pod, playin sega and takin walks and singin!